welcome to my world!!!

14 Apr

Hey everyone!!!! How are you? This is my intro … my coming out as some people might say lol

This blog is to follow me and everything i do from day to day.

You probably want to know who i am right?

Well Im Angel. Angel Cruz. Im 22 and live in az with my dogs Apollo and Precious and partner David and I’m a pornstar.

Well not quite a star 😦 (womp womp wooooooomp)

I have worked in the industry. Under a diffrent name long ago. And after that experience and learning so much about myself sexxxually and emotionally while sharing it with the world around me i have decided:

I wanna be a pornstar.

Tricky part is: I’M A TWINK!!!!

( I know I know that means it should be easier right? not quite)

I’m a BLACK  TWINK …ahhhhh… yea makes sense now right….

and thats the hard thing see, I’m not a Thug.

And jungle fever Mandingo Man doesn’t quite fit me.

So the industry isnt exxxactly sure where i fit …. at least thats what i like to think lol

not that I’m not sexxxy…i mean why else would you care to read this?

It’s what i hear most of the time though… “We just dont know where to place you ”

But, oddly enough i also hear a lot of ” i have models that would love to work with you..but,”

yea i know i don’t “quite fit”

you guys tell me … do i fit ? Slim…tiny waist..youthful look..nice ass…I think i fit…and if i don’t isn’t that what lube is for anyway? (this is one of my fav pics taken by David)

But, I’m not broken nor defeated. i guess I’ll keep looking for a way to become the Obama of twink porn and you guys are just along for the ride!!! whoop whoop!!!

Who knows maybe ill be the next Pierre Fitch, or Nash Lawler , Matt Rush, Brent Everret , Ryan Russel, or Eddie Diaz ( okay okay thats really just a list of people  I wanna bang lol)

This is the first step. Im becoming a brand. A name.  A product. and im gonna be in DVD players, on Ipods and laptops , filling twitter timelines all over the world . No matter What.

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