so i decided to get an agent!!!

13 Jun

well…. try any way!

i figured maybe im marketing myself wrong. and maybe i need some help.

so i sent in an app to an agent. someone who seems to be favored by a lot of studios and ppl in the industry

i sent my email with pics and every thing

( if u have seen my xtube u know about my hiking trip)

and a super long email ( that said):


My name is angel cruz. i heard about you through twitter. I’d really like to be considered for your agency. You have some of the hottest young talent out today and i think i would fit perfectly on that roster. I’m no newcomer to the industry. i preformed previously under the name Brian Vegas with Flavaworks and while i enjoyed that experience learned a lot and grew as a model i would like to show how much i have grown and expand beyond that genre. More so, i have learned that this is also a business. that a model who wants to be SUCCESSFUL in this industry must understand branding network and how to make yourself a product. Anyone can fuck on camera. It takes work to become a star.

I think my look is unique. I’m twinkish but I’m a black guy and most people don’t believe that’s possible however my attitude and universal sex appeal give me the potential to prove them all wrong.

i believe in self promotion and by promoting MYSELF i promote the companies i work with. the more fans you make  the more they’ll want to see you the more studios will want to use you. Eventually, i plan to own my own pay site yet continuing to work with other companies while being innovative and presenting new fresh ideas of my own in the industry.

i am 22, i live in Arizona. I’m half black and latino. I’m 6’2″ 155lbs. 8.5 cut and thicker than avg. My best assest is my ass. I’m completely versatile. but, if i had to be a top or bottom for the rest of my life…I’d be a top. i believe i can hold my own in any role with any model from twink to bear to one legged midget.

I believe a porn star is all about exploring their own sexuality and sharing it with the world. inviting people into your personal sexual journey is what will make any porn star great. Fans want to see us grow and want to know that we are turned on most by SHARING this growth with them and as long as we are willing to say… “i never tried it before but my fans asked”we can never go wrong.

thanks for your time J***n”

now i sent this email. with pics attached on may 21st, at 3:45pm. i assumed that it my take a while to hear back from J***N because of a high profile awards show that was coming up and the industry being super crazy for a couple weeks.

i still havent heard anything back. then i took a look at the model roster …that had some of my favs on it … and my absolute fave brandon wilde.

i held on to hope that i wasn’t ignored for the reason some would say. turns out after seeing somethings and talking with some people . i was. that sucks . oh well … keep moving foward …

ill get my grabby next year one way or the other

2 Responses to “so i decided to get an agent!!!”

  1. kiri June 15, 2010 at 12:17 am #

    aawww boo keep working at it 🙂 u will make it

  2. Agie June 18, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    It takes 10 no’s to get a yes… It may not take that long but didn’t want you to get discouraged! Great letter and good luck!

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