im very lucky

21 Jun

one thing that a lot of people dont have on the journey im on is a partner.

im very fortunate. i have some1 who loves me. reassures me and protects me everyday. motivates and listens to me.

everyday, when i get up im reminded that im an intllegent sexy ass man who has the drive and perserverance to accomplish this feat i have set out to accomplish.

and everyday im thankful for his support

i dont say that enough .

i know its hard for him to think about whi knows how many pppl seeing it . or what will be said . but he doesnt care. not about what any of you think. but only about how happy it will make me to look out into the crowd when i accept my grabby award next year .

it takes a strong lover to do that . a true lover.

besides i KNOW he is NO T complaing about getting to take pics of my naked ass. lol

i love you i really do . thought you should know

2 Responses to “im very lucky”

  1. GETREAL July 15, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    In love yet you want to be a adult film performer and give up something that should be considered sacred and for your partner only. Non-sense at its best. Get a dose of reality and spread the word to other adult stars that you cannot be in love with someone and want to build a relationship while sharing your body in such an intimate way with another individual who is not your partner.

  2. Drew August 16, 2010 at 12:11 am #

    cute 🙂

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