THE MEN OF 2010!

29 Jul
Porn is big for us gays. REALLY big. And the men in it are even bigger. They are the rappers of our community. They turn us on and get us off. 2010 has been a big year in porn. This list covers a spectrum of 20 men of all ages who are making bank and making you spank. These guys are award winners and media mavericks. This men are the most buzzworthy pornstars of 2010 so far.
1) Samuel colt
I had the pleasure of meeting this muscle stud of a man here in Arizona. and once i was done being star struck that this Mr. SF Leather title holder and Grabby newcomer of the year was shaking my hand . i was able to appreciate his amazing body chiseled from marble by the gods. This Mustang exclusive and Men magazine “Man of the Year” has achieved great things this year so far ( like a Steve Cruz “Performer of the Year” award )  and its only halfway over. My only hope is that this VORACIOUS muscle daddy loses NO steam and continues to bang out hits . And with one major project that i had a chance to ask him about … im sure he’s going to turn a lot of us on in ways we didn’t know we would enjoy….. careful with that body paint daddy 😉
2) Chase Cox
Loud, aggressive dominate and cocky. and that’s just his twitter. Chase Cox is a star no matter how you dice it. One of the most sought after names in bareback porn he has held the number one spot on the AEBN charts for over three months at a time. The man is a monster. With a 11 incher that would scare the hell out of any unseasoned bottom he can handle any boy … or man placed in front of him working with Sage Daniels and Justin Jameson. Unafraid to voice his opinions about the mainstream that shuns him. Chase Cox is a man to be watched in the 2nd half of 2010 and hopefully a long time after.
3) Ryan Russell
This Canadian cutie has done big things in 2010. This Titan man has begun to pick up speed and shows no signs of slowing. Fully versatile and completely hot Mr. Russell has been featured as a fresh face and  a recurring model. featured in “Folsom Maneuvers” and the Titan “Toolbox” DVD Ryan has begun to win the hearts and minds of many a porn fanatic around the globe. He was also featured several times on as a guest performer and was also spotted over at as well. a favored go-go dancer and performer in Canada. I am patiently awaiting the next time he hits the US. Hiss upcoming projects with sites like and the sales of the individually molded Ryan Russell dildos ( he molds them in a cast from his own cock on cam4)  shows he tenacity for the business. His hole is an equal opportunity employer. a friend of mine on twitter I once asked him about his love of chocolate men … he responded ” some men are just born knowing a thing or two about how to fuck”.  I CANNOT WAIT to see what Ryan has in store for us in the 2nd round of 2010.
4) Tyson
With the release of his feature ” That good dick: Tyson”  and appearance in “Mixxed Nuts 2” alongside Cody Kyler, as well as, two blatino award nominations and an unstoppable swagger Tyson aka TKO has been reminding us why we loved him to begin with in 2010. Not that we ever REALLY forgot his name. A fan favorite and one of the gems in the Flavaworks crown there is never a dull scene when Tyson steps in front of the camera. Keep a lookout for Tyson . Something says that before 2010 is over he will be adding a super in front of that star title.
5) Cody Kyler
The little twink that could . Cody. is. hot. There’s is no way around it. He came into gay porn a fresh faced twink on and exploded a short time after by signing his name on the dotted line with Flavaworks becoming the first white model to ever do so. also making him a lighting rod. He polarized porn simply because many felt that Flavaworks was never given proper credit until they signed Cody however  with the releases of his films ” Cody Kyler’s Penga Paradise” as well as  lead roles in flavaworks “Mixxed Nuts” series. Cody has earned his stripes both in front of and behind the camera with his famous ustream broadcasting of his favorite shoots. Cody’s warm smile ( and more likely than not warm hole ) will be missed on his short hiatus however , with Grabby and Cybersocket nominations earlier this year, as well as a, fantastic performance at Hustlaball in Germany I don’t see cody staying away to long
6 ) Baby Star
This biracial twunk has def made us all take a second look at one time or another. Nominated for two Blatino awards ( best newcomer and best bottom) Baby Star has the kind of universal sex appeal being a porn star is all about . with over 6 DVDs and two covers of Flavamen magazine Baby Star is the other half of this years Flavaworks one-two punch and is making just as many waves as his studio mate Cody Kyler. With a seductive boyish smile and deceptively jocky body this bottom has the rockstar mentality that is going to provide him with crossover appeal that makes us all want more.
7) Tony Buff
Tony… Tony… Tony. What can’t this man do? From his discovery of newcomer Element and winning “Best dressed” at the 2010 Grabbys the legend that is Tony Buff has been solidified this year. A director, model and head of his leather family, Tony also co-brands the “Rough” studio with Titan media. He also owns his very own fetish line (which I happen to own a piece or two from. And will gladly accept any free items he sends my way) Tony was very deserving of his 2 Grabby award wins this year. For “best cock , cut” and “ preformer of the year” a stellar performer and even more amazing business man who looks to dominate the porn industry before 2010 is over …. and I have no reason as to why we should not submit.
8) Austin wilde
Raging Stallions 2010 “Man of the Year” and super hot mixed daddy Austin Wilde is the IT  boy of 2010. He has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue and just as many have been on the tip of his dick. Shooting on every site from “” to Chi Chi Larue. Austin shared a “Best Newcomer” award at the Grabbys with Samuel colt . One can’t throw a fistful of coke in a room full of twinks  without hitting someone eager to work with this stud and  you cant blame them either. His beautiful cock and caramel complexion are the reason we cant get him out of our heads. Following him on twitter you can see that he is one of the busiest and hardest working men in the industry so far. He jet sets from SF to New York and he shows no signs of letting up. so sit back and get ready cause 2010 is going to be a WILDE  year.
9) Jeff “str8cam”
If there was an entrepuneuer of the year award in gay porn this man would have it locked. Jeff started out as a webcam  performer on his site however, his RIIIIIIPED  body, clever costumes, inviting personality and b-e-a-utiful cock quickly made him popular amongst the boys. But, in 2010 its been all about that little yellow bottle of str8cam lube. With a true to life cartoon depiction of gay porn’s golden str8 hunk the contents of this bottle have become just as popular as he has because it looks and feels like real cum. It’s also fully condom safe and that makes it hotter …. we all like to indulge our bareback fantasies and this lube is the safest way to fuck a nice, tight, cum, drenched, pink tight twink ass…..(note: reorder more str8cam lube) without all the health risk. Not only that, but, Jeff has featured Ryan Russell and other models on his feeds. A white hot twitter campaign and charming smile has caused us to take a look at this hot piece of man with long lasting hard ones. Now, how do we get his wife to share him….
10 )Tommy Anders
Now, my favorite part of the night. TWINK TIME ! This 10in top of a twink, Tommy Anders, is the crème de our dreams. A perfect ass, a smile to die for and a massive cock that could satisfy even the hungriest hole. He’s also the youngest boy ever to pull down six figures. with JRL and Grabby nods and im predicting a Gayvn win. Tommy Anders has turned EVERY head in the first six months of 2010. (and raised every cock) at young 18 years old Tommy is changing the game and making waves. The helix/8teenboy model could possibly be the hottest thing to hit gay porn since …. VHS. This super hottie wields his massive cock with such marksmanship I almost wish I could have traded places with Tristan Sommers. With countless DVD covers and scenes in 2010 Tommy has done almost everything he could do this year so far… im waiting for one thing from him. we all should be. what that thing is, I wont say. but ill gladly show him 😉
11) Hot Rod
Rod when haven’t u had a good year? Super hot. Super hung. Super horny. Hot Rod is one of the urban porn genres hottest boys of all time. This year he is nominated for 2 more Blatino awards  and has been loved by blogs and fans alike. His pleasant demeanor and love for travel (how he has  not crossed paths with Jason Sparks I have no clue but when he does I hope to god cams are rolling)  Hot Rod has been putting in work this year. A fully versatile performer most men simply want that cock in their hole. His perfect blend of aggression and passion make him an ace performer. A proponent of transformation I hope to see him switch into mainstream before the year is out.
13)Brent Corrigan
Brent fuckin Corrigan. You hot twink piece of ASS! At this point it wouldn’t be a gay porn list if I didn’t mention you. Still a major pillar of controversy in the industry, Brent has made headlines during 2010  including awards to speaking engagements at Yale to the most blunt and probably assertive safe sex PSA’s to date Brent Cruz …errr i mean … Corrigan has not dissappointed us in 2010 and I dont see him doing so any time soon. Fearless and revolutionary Brent is big in 2010
14)Brett Everret
With his super hot bf Steve Pena. beautiful body. stunning cock, and oh so perfect lips Brett Everet has made 2010 his mistress. With the release of “Little big league 4”, ”Fuck it” and several other C1R films with his face on the cover as well as his own site that pours out the hottest scenes with the hottest cock stroking jocks Brett Everret is a Grabby wall of farmer already. Brett is the definition of porn for an entire generation. He’s worked with everyone from Brent Corrigan to me….. ok not me but i can hope.
Described as the “most powerful black man in gay porn'” Rock has made waves in 2010. Originally a urban bareback super star Rock has started his own site which now holds 6 Blatino award nominations and 3 Jrl award nods. So far. Rock means business. He  has begun  refocusing his efforts on more mainstream ventures as sole owner of Rockafellaz Entertainment ssembling a sure fire stable of models for his grand reopening this summer . Rock has not forgotten his fans. He still gives us some of the hottest content in the industry. With a MASSIVE member (and i should know) Rock has pounded away at every obstacle he has faced and the only thing on this man bigger that that dick of his is his heart. Held by his partner, cocodorm model and Blatino award nominee London D.
16)Ty Lattimore
You want universal sex appeal? Look no father. Ty Lattimore is your answer. As a director and performer he is well on his way to becoming the Obama of gay porn. His normal urban formula went out the window with an all bareback all white DVD under his company . He has been on a warpath this year  starting with  three Urban X awards and one Blatino award nomination Ty will not allow us to forget he is capable of playing with the big boys.
17)Chris porter
The tatted “King of Twinks” has made a statement in 2010. what is that statement? “I own this shit”. A Raging Stallion exclusive and star this kid has been getting more work than a little bit and with that chiseled twunk body he should be. A production asst at Raging Stallion (and rumored bf of Samuel colt) his latest feature “Tattooed Twinks ” started out as a twitter rumor and is now on its way to being one of the years most viewed twink films. It hasn’t even been released yet. The bonus with Chris: he’s not afraid of a little leather
18)Ricky sinz
Ricky has been good to us this year. A model, a DJ a former solider , a hard ass with a heart of gold and a blogger this totally tatted muscle hunk has used his versatility to deliver some of the most eye pleasing performances of this year. Big buff and butch he fucked his way into view and earning  his 2010 Grabby for best blogger and JRL nod for best threesome in focus/refocus. He also is a resident dj at medusa night club, owner of and at the helm of Fierce casting. the man killed at pit bull for Christ sakes. I for one hope he has found the secret to longevity in this business and that he got that map to my bedroom … really. Ricky I’m trying not to gush over u as a personal fave
19 )Speedo boy Corbett  Harper
“Speedo Boy” as he is known to many started out an xtube phenom. Until he got caught by his University of Hawai’I administrators. When they realized he was shooting on campus Then he got a real porn contract. Now, he’s one o the most discussed boys in mainstream porn. Cock hungry and super hot. look out for Corbett Harper. His contract with Dirty Bird pictures is going to prove very lucrative.
20) Michael Lucas
No list would be complete without super daddy Michael Lucas. He’s been flying high off of the radar this year. From his travels to the middle east to countless awards and films that rank high on VOD charts Michael Lucas is a porn icon. In 2010 he was talked a bout even when over seas and is viewed by many to be the ambassador to the middle east of gay porn . His NY based company Lucas films keeps rolling out the hits and 2010 has been no different.

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  1. nickwildx2x July 29, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

    HOT, lol. I love this

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  3. kiri July 30, 2010 at 7:16 pm #

    OMG i loved this recent post so much. BRETT EVERETT YUM N CARRIGAN IS SO CUTE

  4. cock2go August 2, 2010 at 12:01 am #

    So I am reading your list. I would like 2 see an all ethnic list. Asians? I would have liked 2 see more guys I have not heard about. Now I know it is your opinion and I value that.

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