Wanted: Out of the Box Thinking – Race Matters

17 Aug

this is less of a blog to me .. its more of a metting of two people disscussing the current state of porn…. we each share the same ideals on what porn lacks and what we want to see ….

Lotta Roti: I’m a 40 years old female heterosexual tomboy woman who loves gay porn and especially twinks. I write my impressions, opinions and observations of porn and the world around it in my blog, Twink Mama’s Lounge. (http://tinyurl.com/twinkmama)

Angel Cruz: A 22 year old model/writer/sex symbol, looking for a change in the industry I love so dearly. Chasing the dream with a plan in hand.

Wanted: Out of the Box Thinking – Race Matters

DISCLAIMER: Honest, I tried to back up claims I make in this article by doing some actual research. However, it turns out that while there is a plethora of research done about business owner attitudes, customer expectations and conformism and social progress versus market-driven industries all this knowledge is very fragmented all over the internet and buried in the archives of academic journals. No-one seems to have been interested in writing a general compilation or historical account about this issue. A remarkable part of it is also private research and thus a business secret. So instead of conducting a months-consuming academic study I will write based on impressions and gut feelings – and anyone who claims to know better can always challenge what I write.
No-one could say that ethnicities other than caucasian have no place in porn or sexual mythos: they most certainly do. Some of the most popular stereotypes belong to them, and some of the most well-known and paid porn models are black or latino. There are less American asian or arab models that I know of. However, for black models who don’t feel like either growing bulging muscles and shaving their heads or styling themselves after ghetto thugs there aren’t many work opportunities available. That is because the generic “guy” – the protagonist of a sexual narrative that is not specifically ear-marked as an ethnic fantasy – is, in the mind of a conformist thinker, in reality caucasian. A latino will do if he downplays his ethnicity – they can choose to go with either the fiery latino lover or a dark-haired ordinary guy route – but that black face and features are too different.

For many its beginning to seem as if being gay and hot is exclusively a caucasian right. As if the only way that a non-white person ( or one that cannot pass for white ) can only be considered attractive is if he can dominate, take advantage of or be predatory of a caucasian model. It appears that’s all we are. We seek out the poor white guy lost in the hood or jackhammer away at little twinks with our bulging muscles and massive cocks while they plead for mercy. This typecasting has caused the entire industry to stagnate. Adult entertainment has always been about the exploration of the sexual psyche. Constantly, pushing the envelope and introducing people to new fetishes and fantasies. However, we as an industry have failed to accomplish this. We got comfortable. We have rested on the industry approved labels and formulas of what works. Nobody is taking risks. Nobody is venturing into the unknown. Black models are thugs or punishers. White models are twinks or jocks. Asians submissive fucktoys. And
latinos are the passionate forbidden lover. It’s old. It’s boring. Where is the desire to explore?
In our personal lives we find that there are many young boyish thin black and latino men that are as sexually appealing as there caucasian counterparts. They invoke the same overwhelming sexual desires (in some cases even more) . In our private lives we do NOT practice the same thing . In our private lives we all strive to experience each other and explore what each other bring to the table, but when the camera is rolling we all seem to forget the things we experienced and hot exciting and hot they were . Why is it we as an industry are now afraid to share our private desires with the fans who pay our salaries, attend our events and buy our films? Where is the push to diversify and include models of all shapes sizes and colors? So many beautiful men are excluded because of the fear of not meeting what we THINK customers want.

Does this have to be so? This is what people want, so this is what the business owners will give them. Right? There are more white people around, so of course the majority of the models are white. Right? Sexual desires are not politically correct. Right?

No. It doesn’t. That’s the whole deal of it all . A majority of customers are open to diversity. In fact, many of the consumers of porn seek it. Oddly, enough no companies seek to provide that diversity. The consumers or gay porn are looking for something different – a fantasy that they have yet to explore on their own, whether that fantasy is a foray into leather or their first interracial experiment (albeit, we exaggerate on camera a bit). Even in urban companies there are thousands of members and customers who dream of being with a black guy and have lived vicariously through models like Cody Kyler. However, when looking at many other ‘mainstream companies or “niches ” you don’t see this willingness to indulge people who fantasize about being with twinks like Tommy Anders or jocks like Brett Everett. It’s hard to imagine yourself as a skinny white boy when you are one too many shades too dark and vice versa.
Porn is not about reflecting the demographics of the community or area. Who gives a fuck about what the population looks like? It’s about what makes the population want to jack off. Let’s be honest – a hole is a hole and a cock is a cock, but I don’t see any reason why a skinny baby faced black guy cant be seen on camera with a muscular hot gruff white leather daddy. Maybe the urban vernacular and slight resistance to being dominated would be a welcomed addition to the Titan library. ( Scene: Samuel Colt in a leather cop outfit walks pass a cell …. looks in cell and sees … *ahem* me shirtless doing pushups and lingers a bit … I catch him looking … “what the fuck you looking at pig?” .. Samuel decides its time to teach me a lesson… ) but , nobody has explored this. There is a market for it though. Untapped and ignored. Completely forgotten about and forced to lurk the rentboy realm to quench their thirst for something different.


Social reality – part of which everything depicted in porn very much is – does not work that way. What people want is not hacked in stone, and what is given to them is not simply a passive reflection of that. Both of these things are fluid, in constant change and influence each other. While people generally tend to mate with those who look like them, this has never stopped them from fantasizing of more exotic people or seeking them out for sex. Sexual desires are hard-wired and biological, but they are also greatly influenced by the culture surrounding us and we create as much as consume it whenever we interact with other people. Surely you don’t think that there is a gene that is responsible of making a homosexual male desire, specifically, frat boys in jockstraps?
I think and I hope that business owners are less motivated by conscious racism than by overcautious, conformist thinking, assuming that their customers want nothing but the same old, same old. This kind of stagnation has to do with the concept of loss aversion: an affordable failure seems more frightening than missing a potentially enormous gain. There was a time when everyone “knew” people who wear eyeglasses are not attractive. Then someone came up with the capital idea of designing attractive frames. The cultural stereotypes followed: glasses can make you look attractive in i.e. scholarly, smart or professional way. In 80’s everyone “knew” that girls are not interested in computer games. There were a few hardcore tomboy-nerds like me who played nevertheless – but companies were quite happy to lose the money they would have gotten from other girls, had the games been more approachable for them. The first games specifically designed for girls were “proof” of the disinterest hypothesis as they failed: it didn’t occur to the business owners to blame the insulting idea that girls would like to put virtual clothes on virtual paper dolls. Nowadays any company that would ignore female players would be insane – all they needed to do was to acknowledge that they exist and pay attention.

There are models as well as customers that ask to work with models of different races and different looks. I have heard site owners say everything from “I wouldn’t fuck a black guy, so why would I film one” to “black guys are normally so muscular” (one quote is from a company whose roster is littered with my personal conquest, the other from a studio whose casting site is similar to myspace and has plenty of models who are wanting to work with me). So what determines the motives of the studio seems to vary. But, no matter how you look at it these are only excuses and excuses are like assholes …


Let’s look at the way how a typical porn DVD is marketed. It is sold with a big, established name that is guaranteed to attract attention, and loyal fans buy it for this big name alone. Inside there are 5-6 scenes, where newer models and perhaps some tentative variations to the established routines are introduced. Why not use this formula for introducing more variety to the fantasies and scenarios? What if we had a lean, yuppishly good-looking African American business man in his suite getting served exceptionally well by the room service? A black professor of post-colonial studies obliges a white colonial guilt-ridden student who wants to be punished for the sins of his race, for those who like a bit of humor and irony? A black and white dorm roommate share an Oreo cookie and get an idea? And it’s not like the twink, frat and jock romping grounds are race-exclusive any more – why not include cute, boyish black guys in the scenarios?

Consumers are looking for more. They look to us as an industry to help them explore and they will pay for adventure. Studios know the power they wield. Studios know that when they decide to market a model, for whatever reason,. that the site members and customers will always give it a chance. It doesn’t take much to sway gay men. Get them hard. Make them cum. They WILL come back. So let’s explore. Let’s take chances and do something new. Porn is one big family. Let’s all make some money.

3 Responses to “Wanted: Out of the Box Thinking – Race Matters”

  1. Gay Porn Fanatic August 17, 2010 at 9:06 pm #

    The way this article was laid out kinda confused me, but I still got the gist.

    A few points, if I may add my $.02:

    – If more black guys are to be introduced into porn, we’d have to make sure that it is done correctly. Some people complain that I don’t have enough black guys on my blog, and to them I say that it’s not because I’m not into black guys or men of color. It’s because I’m not into thugs and ghetto fabulousness. You can be black and speak proper English. So it goes back to the girl playing video games argument.

    – That being said, many porn companies that cater to black guys don’t have affiliate programs or even the site design and features that many of their counterparts do.

    – I also feel like in order for stereotypes to change, they must change from within. People of color in porn are seen as ghetto and other stereotypes because that is how we portray ourselves. Maybe if the guys didn’t pick names like Asia Mynor and spoke somewhat properly, that could help the situation too.

    – My last point was what Diesel said right before he deleted his Twitter a few weeks ago. Some of these studios get mail from their customers that they’ll stop buying porn if a black man is featured on the site, and the sites get scared. So maybe we must educate the gay community a little too.

    All the reasons why I want to start my own porn studio, and have a site that features man of all races sleeping with men of all races (and speaking properly too) be one of the sites under my umbrella.

    • Chase Coxxx September 20, 2010 at 3:47 am #

      “People of color in porn are seen as ghetto and other stereotypes because that is how we portray ourselves. Maybe if the guys didn’t pick names like Asia Mynor and spoke somewhat properly, that could help the situation too.”…. I don’t agree with that statement at all. Would you also blame blacks for the poor representation of African Americans in television and movies, because until the last decade or so you couldn’t get a role as a black man in the US unless you played a thug, gangsta or idiot. Was it the fault of the actors that they were only offered fucked up roles? Classically trained black actors from Yale’s school of Drama and places like Julliard were reduced to donning bandannas and fake tear drop tats in order to make a living.

      As far as names go, some of the urban video companies actually have lists of names for models to choose from based on what the studio heads think will be marketable. Sometimes there’s little choice.

      ” Some of these studios get mail from their customers that they’ll stop buying porn if a black man is featured on the site, and the sites get scared.”…. If we allowed the letters of a few (and until someone can show me some of these anti black comments, I’ll remain skeptical) racist to dictate our actions then this country would still be stuck in a Jim Crow era.

      There are many urban black porn models who are intelligent, articulate, creative and worthy of press from their fellow peers, especially the few black bloggers out there. Casting the entire lot as inarticulate ghetto bunnies unworthy of being mentioned is rather harsh. Especially considering the “quality” of some of the white boys that get featured. I never ever hear anyone complaining about the abundance of average looking, dusty, non intelligent trailer park boys (hey Jayden Grey) who find their way into pornlandia. They seems to bypass the litmus tests that us black performers have to take… I have yet to hear a blogger say they refuse to feature certain white models based on their communication skills. Seems kind of elitist.

      Not to get all Tyra on your ass, but I’m an articulate black male performer and I have never been in an urban thug porn themed movie and I barely get mentioned in the blogosphere. (to your credit, you are one of the few to have feature me)

      I will agree that urban porn companies need to be more proactive. They need to have affiliate programs, send out press releases, and just play the game on the same court if they want a bigger piece of the profits pie. I also think that some of the urban porn models need to learn to drop the thug act sometimes so that people can get to know them as free thinking beings.

      At any rate, at least some of us ARE talking about the situation and that in it’s self is a good thing. I wish you well and I can’t wait to support your porn studio once it’s established… Thanks for the Miss Kelly pic boo.

  2. Lotta Roti August 19, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    Nice insight!

    “it’s not because I’m not into black guys or men of color. It’s because I’m not into thugs and ghetto fabulousness. You can be black and speak proper English. ”

    Same with me. That and that I only can follow a few sites. Obviously the problem is not that there are no black men in porn, per se – it is more the problem with the tired stereotypes.

    “Some of these studios get mail from their customers that they’ll stop buying porn if a black man is featured on the site, and the sites get scared. So maybe we must educate the gay community a little too.”

    Those customers are obviously racists: the question is how many people they speak for and how big a loss they would be. This has all happened before. People would not come to eat in a fine restaurant if it employed black waiters, buy stuff from a black salesman, trust a black lawyer… yet someone was brave enough to hire one anyway and it is becoming a non-issue.

    That was actually one thing I wanted to see the research about: how these things were tackled in past and how it could be done in this case.

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