i dont understand the “studio look” concept

2 Nov

Quite often when looking for work a model without an agent or someone just getting into the industry sits filling out app after app after app and they recive the same response:

” We have reviwed your application and pictuures but, unfortunaetly you dont have the look we use at this studio”

i have gotten a few of these ….

i have been “too pretty’

too skinny

too dark

black …

the list goes on and on and on.

but, this is perplexes me. See this is porn. Its all about finding the HOTTEST MODELS. period . Porn is about finding the hottest men to have sex wiuth the hottest men. not the hottest bears to fuck the hottest bears . Lets, be honest here. Isee Twinks topping Muscle Bears all the time.

so i dont comprhend how a studio would dimiss a hot guy because hes not the right “type”. if he is hot he is hot.

Shouldnt every studio have a stable of models that are universally attractive as opposed to models that are only attractuive to a CERTAIN viewer?

i mean if a studio has3 sets of  5 twinks, 5 jocks and  5 bears (one latino set one black set and one white set ) thats 45 models. 45 guys that can be mixed in a plethera of ways … threesomes, solos, one on one and interraical scenes . im sure with just hose 45 models a site could create 23 Stars create great chemsitry and even keep costs down.

But, lets say you have 15 models that are universally attracitive in the way guys like Baby Star, Brent Eveerret , Samule Colt,  Austin Wild , Chase Coxxx , D.O. , Devon Hunter , and Ryan Russel are. a company could continualy use them in just as many ways AND  rotate out complimentary models needed for diffrent themes. Wanna do a twink movie take Baby Star and rotate him in with a few other guys on a dvd … turn around use him in a latino movie and then market him in a jock film.

The idea of a studio “look” is outdated gone are the days of niche films and genre films. Today’s viewer is able to see hundreds of hot guys just by looking at a4a or manhunt. because of that fact alone thousands of people are experiencing many different types of men but, it seems porn is still stuck on the idea of “types” or having the “look” .

if we are ever able to get past this idea (much like Flavaworks did with Cody Kyler) you would be surprised at the way people react. They would love it.

It would increse sales and profits.

So why aren’t studios hiring models that transcend a certain look?  one model carry enough sexual prowess to bring in thousands of fans. but, he can only do that if you give him a chance

One Response to “i dont understand the “studio look” concept”

  1. Chase Coxxx November 2, 2010 at 10:57 pm #

    I think each studio has a right create to their own business model and hire whomever they choose to hire. That said, porn is motivated by money and sales; the more diversity you have, the more customers you gain. It’s a myth to assume that ALL purchasers of porn are white men who enjoy looking at overly muscled, roided, tatted up, designer stubbled, fake jocks. Tossing a few non blacks in urban porn ain’t a bad idea either. It did wonders for Flava, they were all but ignored until they hired Cody Kyler. Once they hired Cody all of the mainstream blogs started paying attention to them and they even started winning awards.

    My friend Tim Krueger of Berlin, Germany has a website where he uses a diverse group of models (including me)and he is laughing all the way to bank. Having diversity in race, body sizes and personalities will increase, not decrease your sales.

    I used to go go dance and when I started I never wanted to be on stage with the muscle heads, I thought that no one would look at me. The club promoter (Joe Hawkin’s of Blatino Oasis) pulled me aside and explained that people have varying taste and it makes more sense for him to have a diverse group of dancers so as to maximize the chances of satisfying the tastes of everyone of his patrons…. Make sense to me.

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