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Devon Hunter wants to fuck Baby Star, Brandon Lee and Conner Habib?!

17 Nov

I first heard about Devon Hunter when he wrote a scathing series about his work with where he laid all of their demons bare and ever since i have been in love with his with and his booooooody (Mostly his ass. I’m an ass man it’s genetic I’m sure). I wanted to interview him but, we all know I’m ANTI-interview i hate them theres always some lame backlash. So, instead I wanted to know who Devon wants to fuck. Specifically, what men of color he wanted to fuck and why. I emailed him like a ton of pics ( if my dick got hard …he got a pic) and asked him to tell me who he wants to fuck and why. He came back with a rather impressive list. Seems that Devon and i share an equal opportunity approach to sex. I got to know Devon pretty well in doing this. We went back and forth for about two months compiling this list and during that time i have learned that Devon is a health nut, insanely spiritual and a positive person whio genuinley enjoys getting to know other people and learning about the world around him. And despite his personal shortcomings looks for the good things in others. oh, and HES SO FUCKING HOT.

SOOOOO, with not further introduction the 10 men Devon wants to fuck, enjoy!:

1)Baby Star: I love the sense of style I get from his pics, and he a beautiful, lean build.

2010 has been a wonderful year for this boy. He came into the industry and made a big bang . Signed under the Flavaworks banner Baby Star has been all over the pornosphere. He won a hustlaball award for best newcomer (US) a Blatino award nod for best bottom and best newcomer and several DVDs featuring this verse all star are still to be released.

2)Austin Wilde: He smolders in a way that implies he can get rough, if you like that (which I do not); however, he still has a sweetness that implies he can keep it friendly, if you like that (which I do).

This former Raging Stallion man of the year has been on everyone’s list in 2010. Nominated at every award ceremony and is always traveling with his best friend Ryan Raz. Austin has been the “it” boy that everyone is talking about and looking at his latest move; leaving Raging Stallion to become a Next Door Studios exclusive, we are gonna be talking about him well into 2011

3)Alexsander Freitas: Honestly, aside from his gorgeous build, I think his tattoos heighten his appeal. They accent him in a way other peoples’ do not, and it’s alluring. I love his facial hair. It’s so masculine.

Alexsander is a stud. This year he has worked for Lucas entertainment and with Raging stallion on “Brutal” he was also nominated for a GAYvn and is working on his own website. Hes a personal trainer by day and your wet dream by night.

4)Brandon Lee: I absolutely love lean builds, perhaps because I’m a dancer. I prefer this to big and beefy, and this guy has that aesthetic in spades. Total sex appeal.

Brandon Lee has been in the industry for quite sometime now and has become an icon for the sexual nature of Asian men. In 2010 he was in the Chi Chi LaRue film Affirmative Blacktion as well as Asian Persuasion 2.

5)Conner Habib: I have a soft spot for Middle Eastern men, and this one is a brilliant writer to boot. Sexy AND smart?? Sign me up!

He is the 2010 gayvn best newcomer for a reason. Conor is a former college professer and all around hottie. His blog is a place you can become more familiar with this Maryland native.

6)Eddie Diaz and Johnny Angel: Both are incredibly sexy, and their builds are so beautifully proportionate. If they ever need to reshoot this scene for whatever reason and want it to be a threeway… Ahem… 😉

7 & 8) Eddie and Johnny are both Randy Blue boys. Eddie was also in Blackballed : 7 earlier this year and is hailed as one of few men of color to get widespread praise. Johnny is also a superstar; his Randy blue Adrenaline line DVD, Cum with Johnny Angel, came out earlier this year.

Nicco Sky: Everything about this guy is sexy to me. His build, his proportions, the angled features of his face. It’s not something I hear most people talk about when evaluating models, but the texture/shape of guy’s hair and his hairline are factors for me, and this guy has a perfect head/hair/hairline. So hot…

Nicco Sky has been the biggest thing out of the Randy Blue stable in 2010. Nominated for a Cybersocket for best porn star and countless scenes and considered to be one of the most universally attractive men in the industry Nicco turns heads everywhere he goes

9)Angel Cruz: Getting acquainted with someone helps me imagine them sexually (which may be the opposite for other men, but I would like to think not), and chatting back and forth with you has made me want to work with you. You are handsome and funny, but you are kind and you have an open heart. Some people would say, “What does that have to do with anything in porn?” Idiots… THAT is one way establishing the chemistry that viewers often want to see in a scene. I think we would do very good work together, you and I.

*blushes* I’m definitely flattered to be on this list. I’m still fairly new to the industry and the only person on this list with NO AWARDS. Formally known as Brian Vegas of cocodorm I felt that 2010 was going to be a year of evolution. My blog has been the basis of this growth and im now a featured writer at MOC blog and im working on several other projects. I’m looking forward to accomplishing a lot of things in 2011.

10)Michael Vincenzo: Michael is up there with my five favorite models EVER. Period. I have wanted a piece of this man since he was in Titan’s “Desire.” He’s perfect to look at, plus I’ve communicated with him, and he’s also nice. Perhaps other models don’t care about all this, and perhaps they do. But, for me, it makes it very much easier (and makes me actually anticipate the scene) if I have already established a friendly rapport with someone. I would go into a scene with Michael feeling very comfortable and aroused.

A Titan and raging Stallion star Michael retired in 2006 . Starring in over 20 DVDs and countless scenes in his ten year career Michael is often considered to be the prototype for an Italian man. Muscles and hair as well as a cheerful disposition. Michael now resides in Orlando, Florida

And there you have it ! Devon Hunter’s fantasy fucks and scene partners ! Let’s make this happen ! I’m definnitly ready to join Eddie Diaz and Johnny Angel! Fourgy fo’ sho’ !

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