xmas overlooooaaaddd!

4 Dec

What do you think of when you think of Christmas? lights… trees … presents ME? Well I’ll share a little song with you to tell you what xmas means to me:

Now if I ask you about fisting, huge toys , double penetration and watersports….. what would you think of?

I think of Messiah and his boys over at Thugoverload.com and thugmania.com


Messiah is the man behind the camera and is taking big risks in the industry. It’s paying off.

He is exploring a degree of sexuality amongst Men of Color that was normally met with ” Ewwwww thats fucking nasty”. The light he is shines on the versatility of his models is fresh and unique. With the newfound, albeit limited acceptance of homosexuality in the black and latino communities he has been able to create two sites that venture to the same fringes as many bigger studios. Without the same degree of recognition but, has been overwhelmingly successful.


With models like Isaiah Fox ( who was in Piss Sluts alongside Ryan Raz and Giovanni Summers) by his side as he leads a new sexual revolution in urban porn Messiah will accomplish a great feat in 2011.

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