7 Jan

Everyone familiar with Cocodorm knows that the wannabes section is fundamental to the site.

This section on the site is where the members are given the chance to pick new talent. They vote on a scale from 0-5 stars and the scores are averaged. the ones that rank highest are selected to enter the dorm.

I was once a wannabe … they HATED me… then I arrived at the dorm and I quickly became a favorite.

I always Strive to showcase new talent and amatuers. So iIhave decided that every month …. ( Cocodorm site updates permitting) I will be picking my faves from the wanna be section and telling you why I picked them. im also going to tell you what I DONT like about them …

Hopefully, you all agree maybe you will go and vote and get some of these guys into the dorm! Or maybe someone else will see them and wanna pick them up !

I strongly believe that Cocodorm is an invaluable starting point for many models of diffrent types. It gives them a chance to test the waters and get comfortable in from of the camera.

I have been pretty succesful with my past picks on wannabees I picked Daddy Cream and Baby Star two extremely popular models ON camera ( what people say about them offscreen .. doesn’t matter to me at all )

So without any further ramblings

my top Cocodorm Wannabes:

1) Shy

Location: Manhattan
Age: 19
Orientation: BiSexual
Preference: Versatile
Dick Size: 8.0
Circumsized: Yes, I am Cut (circumcised)
Body Hair: Smooth – No Body Hair

This kid is hot. There is a strong sense of submissive masculinity that is remnant of Angyl Valantino. Even more than that his ass is out of this world. His profile shows someone with sexual confidence and prowess. If he has the versatility on cam he claims to posses; I believe that Shy could become one of Cocodorm’s most successful models. I really wish I had been able to get a glimpse of his cock but, thats really my only complaint about this one. Im looking foward to seeing him in the dorm. I also think he would be great on the Lucas roster or in the RSS stable there would also be a place for him on as well.

2) Red King

Location: Orlando
Age: 19
Dick Size: 13
Circumsized: Yes, I am Cut (circumcised)
Body Hair: Smooth – No Body Hair
Orientation: Gay
Preference: Top

Red King has an all around amazing body and a universal sex appeal that would reel anyone in without much effort on his part. His cock has an excellent combination of thickness and length that will satisfy some of the industry’s hungriest bottoms if given the chance to do so. I’m not a fan of his name ( I predict I’ll be saying that a lot in this section) I hope that he goes with something more marketable if selected to enter the dorm. One thing about him that really appealed to me; he identifies as a top but in his prfile he was more than willng to expose his hole and great ass with FULL CONFIDENCE. Out side of the dorm? i would love to see him working with Suite 703 and I think he would go great on and as well.

3) Prince VA

Location: Richmond
Age: 21
Dick Size: 8.0
Circumsized: No, I am not Cut (uncircumcised)
Orientation: Gay
Preference: Versatile

I like this boy. He is cute and based on the things he says it seems as if he is open to ecploring his sexuality on camera. He’s also a dead ringer for Snowbunni’s older brother so you know I’m going to be a fan. Unfortunatley I’m not sure if he has the same photogenic quality that made Snowbunni so popular. but i do like his twinkish charm. i want to see him in a more professional photoshoot. I think it might give us a clearer view of him. i see a lot of potential with him and if he can deliever on screen I think he has potential and would love to see him in the dorm. If iIhad to sell him outside of Cocodorm I think there would definitly be a place for him with and with that foreskin I think that robert chandler and would have a place for him.

4) romell

Location: Fort Riley
Age: 19
Dick Size: 6.5
Circumsized: Yes, I am Cut (circumcised)
Orientation: Gay
Preference: Versatile Bottom

I’m going to catch hell for this. Im coming to terms with it. this kid is in that wierd place between thick and husky. he looks like a solid kid that is just a bit stocky and thats okay. the hard part is npot EVERYONE understands that appeal so, he will probably be overlooked. this kid looks soooo innocent. i think the Cocodorm experience may cause a deer in headlights effect on him but, that said, those are the things i like about him. he is perfectly proportioned, has a lot of potential , explorative , and he has the kind of ass i go crazy for. beyond the dorm .. i think there would be a place for him over at

6 Responses to “new section! COCODORM WANNABE PICKS”

  1. Gay Porn Fanatic January 7, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Well I do agree…I think Shy is the sexiest…But I also like Prince VA. But if Rommell is husky, then I’m a cow.

  2. robert January 8, 2011 at 6:15 pm #

    i agree shy is the hottest of this bunch by far

  3. Toy Couture January 30, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

    #1 is the bizness!! 🙂 …I’ll be heaing on over to vote for him now! Great choices Angel!!! I think this feature is a great addition to your blog!!

    ~ ~

  4. nickwildx2x February 6, 2011 at 4:41 am #

    I’m lovin number 3. Prince VA. He’s hella sexy. I’m excited to see some of his work

  5. Chucky Baer February 17, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    I like #1 but #4 looks cute and has a great ass, Yes Baby Star has become real popular. You wouldn’t have to ask me twice to eat out his ass.


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