I want to play a game! NAME THOSE CAKES !

6 May

Today in the spirit of competition and fun and all that is the weekend; WE’RE GONNA PLAY A GAME!

Today we are gonna play :


BELOW there’s going to be several pics of some cakes and by cakes… i mean ASSES sweet bubbly juicy asses!

In order to play all U have to do is guess who the cakes belong to! Whoever gets them all right by Monday at midnight ( OR whoever gets the most correct!) Will win a a DVD prize pack with lots of little extra goodies! I’ll reveal the boys and the winners on tuesday!


1)this hot new comer has a secret hes not sharing with anyone !

2) This is a boy who is always ready to show you what his cakes are made of !

3) This porn Stud retired late last year! but, I want him back! ( who says married men cant make porn!?)

4)SEXY! Tatted! And an ass Carved by God himself! a fan fav hottie!

5 ) The first of his kind and a super star on the rise!

6) He’s not Simba anymore! This twinkstar is all grown up!

7) This latino city boi let it all hang out in the mountains! Im sad i missed it!

8) PERFECTION! thats all I can say! I imagine being inside THIS ass is like being on clouds!

9 ) Another super hot tatted stud! This one is all about prowling and is very hands on!

10 ) And the last one ! An ass you could wish on! It’s a dream come true!

Rember! Leave your comment below with the answers on who the asses belong to! You have until Mon

One Response to “I want to play a game! NAME THOSE CAKES !”

  1. KingDing May 7, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    10 is Baby star

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