Sausage Party Brings a Whole New Meaning to Private Party….

2 May

Strippers and group sex and interracial sex scenes these are a few of my fa-vo-rite things!

When the tops white and the bottoms black

… ok ok but seriously though …

I stumbled across a site that pretty much embodies everything i love in my Gay Adult oriented films. is excatly what it sounds like. think back to high school (or freshman year at ASU for me) what was the worse thing that could happen at a house party?

“Bro this is a total sausage fest! Wheres the pussy?”


The site is based on throwing huge parties with hot strippers and dozens of fans who can’t wait to suck, fuck and eat there hot asses.

the biggest draw is the diversity of the models. There is something for porn fans everywhere and im all for that.

so if you get a chance go ahead and check out the boys at Sausage Party!

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