The steam room boys !

4 May

Once upon a time when you could tell who was gay and who wasn’t. If he wore Abercrombie and owned more than one pair of flip flops he was probably a friend of Dorothy. There was ONCE a time when Express for men was called STRUCTURE! ( Jesus, I’m getting old) but, since then we have made progress as a community and our mainstream success has been long and coming.


We gave up a lot of our uniqueness and it became acceptable for all men to be a bit prettier and more sensitive. men started putting down the Natural Ice and picked up a few bottles of Ravenscroft Tiatinium Chianti Classico. it’s near impossible to pick out our brethren in a crowd anymore. Grindr, jak’d, Mister and Scruff not withstanding

So how are we gonna know who is who ?

The Steam Room boys have the right idea. Lets get back to our roots and use the Hanky Code:

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