The First Sunday Night Chat ! Let’s learn some scripture !

6 May

(Note- my New goal is to feature a weekly section dedicated to discussing topics I find during the week, from politics to sex. The purpose is to create a dialogue and provoke thinking on the topic chosen. As always I’m interested in providing readers with a bit more than most blogs and i want everyone to feel like there is something that they learned in the course of reading my blog. Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you enjoy the new feature; Feedback is always welcomed!) 

The GLBT community has made great strides in finding acceptance, respect and tolerance in the world we live in. However, there are many people who still have yet to come around. One of the biggest obstacles is the religious opposition. The power behind these references to scripture is not only the fundamental reading and interpretation of them but, it is also lies in fear mongering and resistance in our own community. Many in the GLBT community are afraid of or ignorant of the contents of the Bible because of the possible internal conflicts of faith it can cause that rise from the fundamental readings an teachings of the bible found in Leviticus, The story of Sodom and a plethora of other admonishments in the Bible. Therein lies the mistake, our fear of the Bible often leads to a lack of understanding as there are many other parts of the Bible that may not encourage homosexuality but they DO disarm those who would wield the bible as a weapon against us.

The bible identifies homosexuals differently than what we do today Matthew 19:12 says:

“For there are eunuchs who were born so from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men; and there are eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. To him who can comprehend, that is enough.” 

A basic interpretation of the different eunuchs mentioned in this verse shows that there are three different types those that are bornthis way, those that were made and those that chose it for themselves. The first type is a direct reference to homosexual men who were born with no desire to be sexually involved with women. Homosexuals were raised to the same power as eunuchs that watched the women of the harem. Because of the mistrust of men, heterosexual or bi-sexual men were castrated; but homosexual men didn’t need to be. . Homosexuality was long confused with eunuchry. Like effeminacy and hermaphroditism, eunuchry was sometimes thought of as creating a woman-man. It’s also in the second part of the text where we find something more. It says “ To him that can comprehend let that be enough. “ while this doesn’t say that everyone should hold hands and love each other – that’s in other parts of the same book – it does say that the eunuchs are not in any way lesser humans and should be accepted into the world with reverence and respected fior the parts the y play in the community as a whole and what they do. It calls for acceptance and tolerance

The gay community as a whole has always been able to come together for a cause from stonewalls to Marriage Equality. What we need to do is take time to understand the way others see us and find common ground with those we view as enemies. What we may be able to find is a way to help them understand as well. We must learn to speak their language before we sit at the table with them.

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