Obama Supports same sex marriage!

10 May




 After much delay and sidestepping Barack Obama has finally come out to support gay marriage. This is a major victory and solidifies his status as a a beacon for acceptance. It also comes at a price to the President who is already under fire for being one of the most “Liberal” men to hold the title of office. The interview now makes president Obama the complete and total opposite of Mitt Romney and risks alientaing many of the moderates who helped win Obama’s first term election. 

   While there is joy to be found in the President’s new solid stance on Gay marriage. I dont find myself as happy as everyone else. The presidents comments during an interview are NOT  a change in policy. It doesn’t immediatley pass a federal bill that legalizes same sex marrige NOR does it repeal the 30 laws in different states that ban same-sex marriage. 

   It also lets thousands of bullied GLBT youth know that they arent alone. They now have supposrt from the highest ranking man in America. It reminds them that they aren’t alone or invisible and for many of them that it truly does get better. 

  The real challenge comes as we get closer to November. The president has to get re-elected and if he does what will he be doing to make good on his promised support of the community. 

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