ten men i wanna rim

12 Oct

okay so…

its not a secret that i like eating ass….

i love it
its no secret … i do it as often as possible in fact, i prefer eating ass to sucking dick any day of the week.

not only do i like it … im good no…IM GREAT AT IT … nothing turns me on more than diving face first into a perfect bubble ass and spending 15- 20 mintues making a sloppy mess with my tounge before i get my cock in…if i dont get too excited and make him cum just so i can feel his hole clench around my cock as he pulses out cum …..

that was graphic …

and looking at this blog you guys know im a fan of lists

so i decided to make a list : Ten Men I Wanna Rim

HOWEVER when the reaserach started … iT GOT *AHEM* HARD to narrow it down …. SO.. in no real order here are the men i wanna rim:

1. Okay …. so i said no real order but i lied …. Ryan Raz is the number one ass i want my tounge in right now… i dont know if its the innocence with a dash of slut … or the boots or maybe its just his err smile … pictured below idk an i dont care. i want him bent over the side over the bed with my tounge in it …

2. Daddy Cream… he was a pretty quick blip ont the cocodorm radar. but he was still one of the cutest boys to go in and out of the dorm. he has one of those asses that just bounces effortlessly. and to be honest his racial ambiguty is something i find myself completely entralled with. hes not a total bottom. daddy cream is a versatile boy. I just think thaat ten minutes alone with him could get messy …

3. There is no way on Gaia’s green earth i could write a list about great asses that deserve a tounge in them an not inculde the Adonis that is Nicco Sky. This latino stud has one of the best asses i have ever seen. like no really ….. wait:
( this i s a clouseup of Nico’s hole) nico has the type of look that rivals hotties like christano ronaldo. im biased though because we all know i love latin men. but i do not fucking care. Nico is hot. and i would eat his ass off a silver platter ( the rest of him if you care ):

4. Seth Serenity .. i only recently became familiar with this pink little hole via twitter. and just outta curiousity i looked him up. i saw some pics and i had to look … five times … no really …. he made my cock jump… following on twitter i love his quick with and sens of humor … i didnt know he was packin some a whole 7 layer cake back there. it awlays fascinates me when i see twinks with big asses its not often you see it. so seth if you are reading this … im telling you now … be ready

5. Cayden Cooper this is another cocodorm cutie. Who i hope to see in many other scenes in many other places. he is ripped and he is hung . i loved watching this super hottie stroke his cock and everything … but i couldnt help but wonder “what does his ass taste like?’ is that odd? probably. again i dont care tiny waist +bubble butt = SEXY in my book … its like a full three course meal….

6. in my book Turk Mason‘s ass is synonymous with lunch….LOOK AT IT ROUND FIRM TIHT SIZABLE ! Turk is one of those names that you dont forget because he has an ass that you will always remeber he owns his own site and is recongnized everywhere … i just want him to get familiar with my tounge damnit

7. you knew he was going to be on this list … Baby Star … yes im talking about him again ( Compared to zach sire over at the sword and his brady jensen affliction this is TAME okay?). you really cant blame me though look at that tan line that falls just below the samll of his back! MY MOUTH IS WATERING ! OKAY !? I WANNA DIVE IN THAT ASS AND NEVER COME OUT ! all i want for xmas is a snorkel so i dont have to cum up for air ….

8. one of my fave twink asses is out of control… it was the first thing i noticed in fact i think it wa the one that made me realize twinks had asses like the rest of us. maybe its all that midwest eatin idk … but Brandon Wilde has a cet set of cakes on him … he got ass fo days and im sure we all wanna take a a bite outta him… i have been looking for a bit more from brandon this year … but i havent seen it yet … i hope he isnt done yet … at least no until i get my hands on it

9. this next one may turn a few heads but look at it… how couldnt it ? jovonnie has more than that massivie piece between his legs hes also got a double stack in back… most peopel are used to him a city boi together but im gonna be honest … ( i have a fav ) and its jovonnie ass

10. i only discovered this one because of gptimesJohnny Angel is an Asain with muscle and ass and i am on board … fuck panda express my tounge wants to taste this hole… I have never had an asian man before … once a half mexican half philipino guy … but i do know that i really wanna get to tase this one


11. im gonna say two words …. Derrick Diamond…nuff said no really …


5 Responses to “ten men i wanna rim”

  1. Ryan Raz October 19, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    I faking LOVE it!!

  2. Ryan Raz October 19, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

    I fucking love it!!

    Damn iPad auto correct…..

  3. Tre Xavier October 25, 2010 at 9:01 pm #

    I agree with you on the majority of your list. I rarely go through an entire fuck session without getting some dick in my ass. Now while I know some on your list are total bottoms, as I’ve said before, I have a knack for converting bottoms to experience topping . So what’s a few more? Baby Star would be the 1st of your list that I would try to convert to top for a bit.

    With that in mind, let me suggest that you rim Baby Star to get him nice and hard, and I’ll slide my tight hole around his hard cock. That what, everybody wins….You get to rim him, Baby Star gets his ass fucked (by your tongue), and I get to claim how my hole has taking in another bottom’s woody .

  4. Drew October 26, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    I like most of your list, I’d like to rim hot rod though too.

  5. C.Mack December 1, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    I’m sad I didn’t make the list lol

    I would definitely put Jovonne and Baby Starr on my, you would make my top 10 too, you got sexy “cakes”

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