15 Nov

(writers note: every Sunday I’m gonna do a Sunday night chat. this post will be about whatever i want and all about promoting thought and initiating conversation)

I have been listenging to a lot of my backpacker hip hop lately

Mostly Lupe Fiasco….

Mostly his track ‘ Dumb it down ‘

on repeat …..

Why this track?

Because I totally get it now…

I mean I understood what he meant in the song but, I get it because it just happend to me. It was like out of the blue too …

but, its whatever I’m not upset. Salacious banality is handed out at the speed of light in 2010. See any of my writing or my posts are either one of two things either me being a dirty little slut or a serious and honest crituque of the industry we all love. The last thing that makes me is a sell out.

I know that this is odd in the porn industry but, if I have to choose how I’m gonna do things..


I’m gonna keep cerebral before I make it sexual. One thing I look to develop more and more each time i Irite a piece is whether I have improved the depth of my writing. I don’t just want to write pieces just to have dick and ass on my blog . (or any blog I contribute too)

See, I COULD go ahead and make vapid spectacles throw some ads up and make it an ass kissing party …. it would certainly be more lucrative that way. but, I would do that at the risk of sacraficing my revelance and becoming one of the many shells strewn about Pornland.

So, I’ll keep using big words ( I’ll even us punctuation.) but, i’m not going to just post pics to post em or feed you impetuous posts that make no sense.

not my style.

So we won’t be dumbing it down call it wanna call it but, i definitly want my readers to walk away feeling like they learned something. I want my readers to finish a post and immediately google what i disscused …. if i write about Nicco Sky i want you to go buy all his films.

So stay tuned Lovers. the party has only just begun!

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