The current state of hip hop: NICKI VS. KIM

4 Dec

Hip hop is made up of several cornerstones:

1) B-boys ( dance)
2) music ( gangsta and party )
3) fashion

and the almighty


Tonight we are gonna talk about the battle.

No matter what happens and no matter how far hip hop or rap or whatever you call it ( some people say there’s a difference citing rap to be more hardcore) there is always going to be rap beef, battles, conflicts.

Jay-z vs Nas
LL cool J vs Cannabis
Slim Shady vs. “Benzino” and the source magazine
Eazy-e and Dr. Dre
2pac vs Big

These battles have done many things. Tracks like Nas’ lyrical triumph over Jay-z with the vocal architecture of ” Ether” is considered legendary among hip-hop heads of all ages and generations. Ice Cube launched his solo career with an epic battle against NWA. Eminems ENTIRE career is based on his ability to battle. It goes without saying that anybody who says they know hip hop would know how crucial the outcome of a hip hop battle is.

I wanna address a hip hop battle that has the gays twinks , tops, trade, bears , bottoms up in arms.



Real talk i have never seen gay culture dive so deep into rap music. So deep that Helix star Ashton Micahels touted the nickname ” The Boy Barbie” ( a phrase unique to Nicki Minaj fans ) while spittin’ over a old Lil Kim beat THAT NICKI DID A FREESTYLE TO. It was so drastic for him at one point … he was after fellow twink Hayden Chandler’s neck over who the true ” boy barbie ” was.


so lets get into it:

The Minaj/Kim beef origins are shrouded in mystery. well not shrouded but the shit is kinda hazy. like i said nicki did a flow to “The Jumpoff” beat and it hit hard in the underground. Nick being from Queens admitted she was paying homage to Kim.

Then they did a track TOGETHER I have it on my ipod as we speak … I’m listening to the track … Kim and Minaj did a FreakyGirl remix as a team. THE GHETTO BUNNIES WERE REJOICING !

Then, its been reported , that the ewwwwwwwww NaNa aka Foxy Brown pulled Nicki aside at an event in New York and told her that Kim was tryna talk slick about Nicki behind her back.

we as gays know how this goes already. ” The bitch said what ?”

SOOOOO Nicki being a bit pissed off sat down with New York radio persona, lyricsit and hip hop historian Angie ” The firefly” Martinez and came clean about the beef. She told everyone how it was Foxy that told her Kim was running her mouth about Nicki. When confronted on the issue foxy “doesn’t recall that convo”. ( lets keep in mind that Kim and Foxy battled back in the 90s and Kim ENDED Foxy’s career)

Lets recap ….

Nicki fresh on the scene contacts Kim. Kim is down for the cause or so it seems. Kim talks slick and gets caught up.

then the inevitable the tracks …..

let me give my frame of reference…

I grew up in baltimore. Just south of New York. To me Lil Kim , Diddy, Bad Boy Bigge and junior mafia are what i was raised on . Players Anthem … Hardcore all of it is ingrained in my soul. Kim is an idol. she always will be.

but, she was dead wrong.

If Nicki had admittedly idolized her and even sought her out as a mentor. Should’t kim have said ” Okay, I got you. this game is full of snakes and imma show you how to navigate” ? ONE WOULD THINK that’s what Kim would say ! But, noooooo Kim acted like any other BITCH IN THE STREET and wanted to pop slick and got caught.

Nicki wasn’t having it …. she enlisted one of the rabid pitbulls in the game The Shady One aka Eminem and she threw down a track that fundamentally excels at all that is hip hop word play, storytelling and the beat all go hard! and here it is:

Nicki is genius. This song is a testament to her greatness. Let us not forget Nicki rose to fame on the undeground circut sold millons in MIXTAPES and then blew up. She did it her way. When her idol turned her back on her she did it HER WAY.

Nicki now holds the number 2 spot for highest first record sales by a Female emcee, only surpassed by the legendary Lauryn Hill, with her album ” Pink Friday”

Even after the album leaked … she out sold all other female emcees.

But, as a result of the leak Kim got a hold of the record . The response was inevitable:

im not feelin it. its tired. as a kid who grew up on the family mentality of bad boy im not impresssed by Kim …… i half expected her to say ” i’ll have my dogs do you dirty they all ….”. there was no evolution and the delivery was not what we would expect from a powerhouse rapper like Kim.

so with all the facts ….

with a listen to both tracks….

with the FULL STORY … I’m making a call

Nicki the ninja slayed.

Kim is a legend and thats fine. Its a testament to her talent . Nobody can take that but, there is no way to deny that Nicki is now the superior emcee. Kim has not grown or changed and regardless of who is behind Nicki Her debut album smashed all of Kim’s first week sales and her lyricals and talent shines brighter say what you will .. Nicki is excels and so far she is winning this battle.

Its a tale told oft in this world. old talent not knowing when to step the fuck out of the way to someone who is rising to the top…. WHEN THERE IS NEW TALENT WHO HAS WATCHED AND LEARNED THE GAME AND EVEN SOUGHT YOU OUT TO LEARN EVEN MORE JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY … SIMPLE …

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