Daddy is home !

4 May

It feels so good to be back!

I have neglected my blog long enough!

This blog, these pages …. This is where it all began.

I have been up to so much lately !

As some of you might know ALREADY I have been tapped to be the Press Director and VP of Communications for Black Rayne Productions! Black Rayne is the parent company of and

I take great pride in my new title i get to work with amazing people like Black Rayne’s first exclusive model Trap Boyy , the super sexy Cuban Michaels , sexy latino Lil’ Papi .

Even better i get to be reunited with my Cruz brother and someone that was there when i first started in the industry Nick Wild!

All of this was made possible by our fearless leader Que Santiago ! I want to thank him and let him know that i really apprecitate the oppurtunity to work with this amazing team !

Heres the offical release! :
Black Rayne Press Director release

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