BROUHAHA In Pornland

28 Jul

Recently Cybersocket  hailed by many to be the bible of online porn  released its 40 hottest models of 2010 so far.

( Here is the list

The list is looking rather … light… to many.

I claim to be NO  expert on the industry . I’m not. I am far from it.

But, after seeing all the different views and ideas on what everyone had to say ( at least on the adams report heres the link I am putting the list into my perspective

This list of “40 amazing porn stars” is correct. In that sense. It, in fact , IS a list of 40 stunning men who are having GREAT  years in their careers. Not one person can deny that.  From Turk Mason ( now ON my radar … he is one fucking HOT twink )  to the always sexxxxxxy Michael Lucas . All of these men are having GREAT years in the world of porn.

However, I don’t think they are shining the brightest  ( not ALL  of them anyway).

This is where the controversy comes in.

Many people feel ,  that this list has left out several models who have had an amazing year so far. Most of whom are models of color.  I tend to agree.  Gay porn is such a gross misrepresentation of the gay community as a whole i can’t say I’m surprised.

This probably wouldn’t be so bad of a list if it was consistent with what it set out to do “to cover a gamut of different types from a variety of studios” it doesn’t.  . The abhorrent lack of diversity on this list is what has everyone up in arms .  EVERY MODEL ON THE LIST IS WHITE.  All of them.

Okay, ill be fair they all LOOK white but, in the end they are all caucasian. ALL.

So what is the deal? is this simply an issue of preference? i mean i find it pretty hard to believe that EVERYONE sitting in the Cybersocket office felt this way. I cannot believe that to be the case. So,  was it the one writer that made this list and said “These are the guys I think are hot” ?

Even then as a journalist shouldnt he maybe have taken the  time to put his personal preference aside and look at everyone having a great year wining awards , selling videos & VOD views?  Compiling a list of this magnitude for a magazine read as widely as Cybersocket shouldn’t the writer  put a tad bit more effort into covering the spectrum and using the statistics to back it up?

In my opinion that is why people are upset. There are men of color who , based off sales and awards , deserve to be acknowledged on this list for early 2010  ( Chase Cox, Austin Wilde, Baby Star, Rock etc.) and simply aren’t . They got  snubbed. For whatever reason.

The magazine that awarded several of these men trophies earlier this year seems to have forgotten that they exist.

i think that this list should become a turning point. This list clearly outlines the mindset of whats hot in gay porn and the failure of agents, producers, casting directors, pr reps  and yes even models to want to mix it up. There has to be some marker some milestone some action to make people say:

“What the fuck are we doing? we are turning away big dicks and phat asses on aggressive eager men with stunning bodies because …. ummm err… why again? ”







2 Responses to “BROUHAHA In Pornland”

  1. cock2go July 28, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    What you wrote about speaks the truth that is going on in the industry. People have to stand up and speak the truth. More people will hear the message, speak the truth also and it will become a movement for change. Stay true to what you believe in and because of you things will change. It will not happen over night but slow and steady is always a good course. I want you to also within the urban market form alliances with people who can help you. Together you can unite to form a stronger bond and a louder voice. Things may not happen quick enough for your likening but one day it will all come together like a perfect puzzle where everything will fit.

    • Lotta Roti August 7, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

      You are spot on, Angel. Race matters.

      I can not know for sure, but I suspect that it is more a question of conventional and stereotypical thinking (believing this is the way to please the audience) than dislike for non-caucasian models.

      And, as you know, this is the next topic I’ll tackle in my blog.

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